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Somos especialistas en la producción de libros, especialmente textos educativos.


Fundado en San José, Costa Rica en 1896, durante más de 120 años hemos perfeccionado el arte de la impresión.

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Before creating a PDF you must meet certain requirements in the document that contains installation art, which are described below:

• Raster Images (photos)
- Must be in CMYK color mode, grayscale or duotone
- EPS or Tiff format
- Minimum 266 dpi resolution

• vector images (pictures)

- CMYK color mode
- Texts converted to strokes (outlines)
- All colors used must be in four colors (CMYK) or spot color as necessary.
** The colors must appear on all the applications involved (Illustrator, QX, etc) not only with the same number but with the same ending (C, CV or CVC).

Eg If you use the Pantone 221 C, Illustrator and QuarkXpress appears as Pantone 221 CVC, to be written differently interpreted by the system as two or more colors.
** The blacks and whites should not appear as colors.
Overprint in black

• Sources
If special fonts are not converted to a path, you must attach the files to the sources used.

The black text should go to 100% black, should not be in CMYK or formed by a different color to black.

• Excess
- If printing has died at the edges, excess MUST have at least 5 mm.

• Measures

- That the document has the same measures to listing.
- In the event that the cover was sent in PDF format must be real far back, which depends on the number of pages and the material used in both the content and cover.
(This information can consult with us.)
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